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In this activity, you will research various car features and write a paragraph in Spanish comparing and contrasting three cars. Submit your response to your teacher by way of the drop box.
When you want to buy a car, you need to evaluate all the options. Do some online research on various types of cars available in
the market and the features they offer. Then, study the features and specifications of the three cars provided below such as the
type of car, color, price, and so on. Write a short paragraph in Spanish to describe, compare and contrast the three cars. Use the
adjectives, numbers (for prices), and comparatives and superlatives that you've learned.
Car B
Car A
Tipo de carro: coupƩ
AƱo: 2012
Precio: diez y ocho mil dĆ³lares
Tipo de carro: sedan
AƱo: 2008
Tipo de carro: hatchback

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In this activity, you will research various car features and write a paragraph in Spanish comparing...
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