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The stock market crashed after stock prices became overvalued.

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The defendant and an accomplice were on trial together for burglary. both had given confessions implicating themselves and their accomplice. at trial, the defendant maintained that his confession had been obtained through improper coercion by the police. for the purpose of countering the claim of coercion, the prosecution seeks to place the accomplice’s confession into evidence. after objection by the defendant’s counsel, the judge agrees to issue a limiting instruction to the jury that the confession is to be considered only with regard to the question of whether the defendant’s confession was coerced. may the accomplice’s confession be admitted under that condition?
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Choose one of these concerns and write a short paragraph about its impact on africa. what has caused this problem to occur, and how has it impacted people who live there?
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Asociologist wants to study a culture that occurs in some women’s prisons: “state families,” in which individual prisoners take on certain roles within a group of like-minded prisoners. there is previous evidence that younger prisoners will use older inmates who play the roles of grandparents as a resource before they will turn to staff for and advice. the lieutenant in charge of a dorm of long-term prisoners offers to gather volunteers to speak to the researcher and also offers to vouch for the integrity of the researcher. the use of this staff is: a valid use of a statistical technique referred to “snowball sampling” wherein the inclusion of the first subject leads to the recruitment of another one subject.a useful tactic in obtaining a sample of prisoners who both meet the criteria and who will be honest with the researcher.wrong and is prohibited; subject selection needs to be free from intervention by prison authorities or prisoners.acceptable only when the researcher’s irb grants a special waiver.
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Why do scholars believe that atlantis was a ficitonal place created by plato
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The stock market crashed after stock prices became overvalued....
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