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A car manufacturer notices that they can sell 11 cars at £18,200, but in order to sell 12 cars they have to drop the price to £17,400. The marginal cost of producing the 12th car is £9,000. Which of the following statements is correct?.

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It is important to prepare both your mind and body to adequately prepare for success the day of the act exam. in a short paragraph describe some of the ways you can prepare your mind and body the day of the exam. feel free to include additional preparation tactics beyond what is included in this lesson. pz
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Driving on the highway can lead you to the hypnosis of a road, a condition of drowsiness or ignorance, you can avoid this condition
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Analyze the analogy and read the information below it. fish : fin : : bird : wing if you were reading this aloud, you would say, "fish is to fin as bird is to wing." this analogy uses parts of an animal to relate to the whole animal. much like how a fin a fish move, so does a wing a bird move. which analogy also uses parts to relate to the whole? sky : blue : : dirt : brown flower : petal : : tree : leaf car : road : : boat : water food : sandwich : : sport : softball
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Scientists observed a rock stratum and discovered some fossils. the image shows the fossils they discovered. what can you interpret from the image? an illustration showing layers rock with fossils embedded in some rock layers1. the dinosaur and the mammoth existed after the trilobites.2. the dinosaur and the armored fish existed before the trilobites.3. the trilobites and the armored fish died before the dinosaur.4. the trilobites and the armored fish were born after the dinosaur.5. the early mammoth is older than the trilobites.
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A car manufacturer notices that they can sell 11 cars at £18,200, but in order to sell 12 cars they...
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