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in the apparatus shown above, one end of a string of length L is attached to a block of mass M and the other is connected to the axle of a motor that rotates, causing the block to move in a circle of radius R at a constant speed vt such that the string makes an angle 0 with the vertical. A student wants to use the apparatus to make measurements and create a graph that can be used to estimate the acceleration g due to gravity at the surface of Earth. The student can adjust the motor to achieve different tangential speeds of the block.

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Dinate system, and a charge q = - 2.00 nc is placed s2 10 n> c. (a) what is the change in electric potential energy when the dipole moment of a molecule changes its orientation with respect to es from parallel to perpendicular? (b) at what absolute temperature t is the average translational kinetic energy 32 kt of a molecule equal to the change in potential energy calculated in part(: abovethistemperature,thermalagitationprevents the dipoles from aligning with the electric field.) placed in a uniform electric field e with magnitude 1.6 * 6 on the positive x-axis at x = 4.00 cm. (a) if a third charge q3 = +6.00 nc is now placed at the point x = 4.00 cm, y = 3.00 cm, find the x- and y-components of the total force exerted on this charge by the other two. (b) find the magnitude and direction of figure p21.62 ll uu 21.55 . torque on a dipole. an electric dipole with dipole moment ps is in a uniform external electric field es. (a) find the orientations of the dipole for which the torque on the dipole is zero. (b) which of the orientations in part (a) is stable, and which is unstable? (hint: consider a small rotation away from the equi- librium position and see what happens.) (c) show that for the stable orientation in part (b), the dipole’s own electric field tends to oppose the external field. 21.62 ..
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Apebble is thrown into a calm lake, ripples are formed from the center and move outward. the water particles in the lake travel in a circular pattern that moves up and down on the surface of a lake, and the energy travels a) diagonally. b) downward. c) horizontally. d) upward.
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A100 kg running back runs at 5m/s into a stationary linebacker. it takes 0.5 for the running back to be completely stopped
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Urgent pls a. coal consumption levels off and remains flat. b. petroleum, natural gas, and renewables show an increase in consumption c. more nonrenewable resources continued to be consumed than renewable. d. there is little projected increase in nuclear energy use. e. carbon dioxide emissions are projected to decline as we approach 2040. global energy consumption is defined as the total energy used by an individual or organizations from around the world. use the graph above to analyze the projected energy consumption from now until 2040. which statements in the prompt apply? a) a, b, d b) b, c, d c) a, c, d d) a, b, c, d
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in the apparatus shown above, one end of a string of length L is attached to a block of mass M and t...
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