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Part A Which key idea does Fuller develop in Woman of the Nineteenth Century?

Men are denying women and enslaved people the unalienable rights they are born with.

Reasonable men will understand that as society progresses, it must also adapt to the needs of its members.

With the support of men, women are increasingly safer in domestic relationships.

Men should do more to help women and enslaved persons to function independently.
Question 2
Part B

Which detail from the text contributes to the development of the key idea identified in Part A?

“The gift of reason, Man's highest prerogative, is assigned to them in much lower degrees. There exists in the minds of men a similar tone of feeling toward women as toward enslaved persons, such as is expressed in the common phrase, "Tell that to women and children."

“But I will not, for the public opinion of their own sex is already against such men, and where cases of extreme tyranny are made known, there is private action in the wife's favor.”

“There is but one law for souls, and, if there is to be an interpreter of it, he must come not as man, or son of man, but as son of God.”

“Given these circumstances, these are some of the reasons for the changes demanded by the champions of Woman. We hail them as signs of the times.”

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Part A Which key idea does Fuller develop in Woman of the Nineteenth Century?

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