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Gush XI. par 1 The Kingdom of books is a vast as the universe for there is no comer of which they
have le explored. There is no death of books on any topic, be it as the
composition of sodium or as intricate as the mechanism of a spacecraft Books
report the fruits of our research in various fields of knowledge and spread our pro
gressive view on matters which are of vital concern to our fellow beings
2 In fact, no single product of human labour has been as hul to the advancement of
civization as boos which are wen in all languages of the world and are decor
tively placed in bookshelves in our homes and tastefully displayed in booktail and
libraries if to Keats works of ancient poets to Homer were realms of gold from
which he derived much joy as well as inspiration to the modern lover of books the
labours of all genus including those of Keats are mines of inestimable intric
tual wealth which he goes on exploring for the sake of his mental and spetualad
3 There was a time some five centuries bad, when becas se know them today did
note and when there were few people who could read things written on stult
which certainly was not paper. At that time our ancestors used racks pilars and
parchments with a view of recording and perpetung the most important thoughts
and achievements in the language they then understood
4 Nowadays, the book-producing machinery gives to Ure works of every great scientific
in ker poet or philosopher the character of permanence, reproduces in attractive
forms old and rare manuscripts and caters to the differng tasks of millions of people
for whom book reading is an extremely pleasant intihl exercise Moreover, the
high percentage of literacy, the growth of braries in towns and villages and the len
dency of intellectuals to have their own poste collection of useful books, have given
birth to a number of big publishing houses with branches in many parts of the world
and publication numbering thousands In recent years, paperbacks have begun to
reveal their attraction for the reading public and although they have no comprately
thrown into neglect the hard cover more they have appealed to people who would
not have thought of buying books not so very long ago. These paperbacks are gen-
erally reprints of popular ichin or of estashed as a translations from for
eign works which are in constant demand at about
1 For the majority of people, back-teading is
An enjoyable intelectual ISO
IL A boring job
Not interesting
aj Only
b) Only
c) Only!
2. Books are hestul for
Reporting research results
II. Spread progressive view on valmaters
In Advancement of con
IV Studying for exams
a) Only v
3 Which of the following have contributed to the growth of publishing house?
a) High literacy
b) Growth of branes
c) People a desire to have the ownd) All of the above
4 Which has been one of the most product of human about to the advancement
of van?
Di Publishing houses
c) Paper
d) Spacecran
6. Popular paperbacks are generally report of
a) Popular fiction
b) Scanie researches
c) Spacecru mechanism
d) Nonfiction
6 Which of the following is/are not an advantage of paperbacks?
They are easily available
It They have overtaken hand cover market​

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Gush XI. par 1 The Kingdom of books is a vast as the universe for there is no comer of which they
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