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In legal studies, what does the acronym OCS stand for?

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Witch is an example of a non durable good?
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How much does a neurosurgeon can make most in canada? give me answer in candian dollar
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For each of the following users of financial accounting information and managerial accounting information, specify whether the user would primarily use financial accounting information or managerial accounting information or both: 1. sec examiner 2. bookkeeping department 3. division controller 4. external auditor (public accounting firm) 5. loan officer at the company's bank 6. state tax agency auditor 7. board of directors 8. manager of the service department 9. wall street analyst 10. internal auditor 11. potential investors 12, current stockholders 13. reporter from the wall street journal 14. regional division managers
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Indicate whether each of the following companies is primarily a service, merchandise, or manufacturing business. if you are unfamiliar with the company, use the internet to locate the company's home page or use the finance web site of yahoo. 1. alcoa inc. 2. boeing 3. caterpillar 4. citigroup inc. 5. cvs 6. dow chemical company 7. ebay inc. 8. fedex 9. ford motor company 10. gap inc. 11. h& r block 12. hilton hospitality, inc. 13. procter & gamble 14. suntrust 15. walmart stores, inc.
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In legal studies, what does the acronym OCS stand for?...
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