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The requirements for a valid contract do not include

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Should the government be downsized? which functions should be cut back? which ones should be expanded?
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Serious question, which is preferred in a business? pp or poopoo?
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Draw a flowchart for a process of interest to you, such as a quick oil-change service, a factory process you might have worked in, ordering a pizza, renting a car or truck, buying products on the internet, or applying for an automobile loan. identify the points where something (people, information) waits for service or is held in work-in-process inventory, the estimated time to accomplish each activity in the process, and the total flow time. evaluate how well the process worked and what might be done to improve it.
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Many years ago, sprint telecommunications aired an advertisement intended to demonstrate the clarity of reception sprint customers could expect. the ad showed a rancher, who had used a different company, complaining that he had ordered 100 oxen from his supplier and instead received 100 dachshunds. the mix-up was probably due to the presence of in the communication process.
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The requirements for a valid contract do not include...
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