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For a sample of (X, Y) data values, the covariance is 48, the standard deviation of X is 11, and the standard deviation of Y is 8. (a) Calculate the sample correlation coefficient. (b) What does the sample correlation coefficient suggest about the relationship between X and Y?

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Which p shifts to consumer in the four cs of the alternate marketing mix? a) promotion b) product c) place d) price
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Suppose that a firm is considering moving from a batch process to an assembly-line process to better meet evolving market needs. what concerns might the following functions have about this proposed process change: marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, and information systems?
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Suppose that the firm cherryblossom has an orchard they are willing to sell today. the net annual returns to the orchard are expected to be $50,000 per year for the next 20 years. at the end of 20 years, it is expected the land will sell for $30,000. calculate the market value of the orchard if the market rate of return on comparable investments is 16%.
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Nell and kirby are in the process of negotiating their divorce agreement. what should be the tax consequences to nell and kirby if the following, considered individually, became part of the agreement? a. in consideration for her one-half interest in their personal residence, kirby will transfer to nell stock with a value of $200,000 and $50,000 of cash. kirby's cost of the stock was $150,000, and the value of the personal residence is $500,000. they purchased the residence three years ago for $300,000.nell's basis for the stock is $ xkirby's basis in the house is $ xb. nell will receive $1,000 per month for 120 months. if she dies before receiving all 120 payments, the remaining payments will be made to her estate.the payments (qualify, do not qualify) as alimony and are (included in, excluded from) nell's gross income as they are received.c. nell is to have custody of their 12-year-old son, bobby. she is to receive $1,200 per month until bobby (1) dies or (2) attains age 21 (whichever occurs first). after either of these events occurs, nell will receive only $300 per month for the remainder of her life.$ x per month is alimony that is (included in, excluded from) nell's gross income, and the remaining $ x per month is considered (child support, property settlement) and is (nontaxable, taxable) to nell.
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For a sample of (X, Y) data values, the covariance is 48, the standard deviation of X is 11, and the...
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