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Shrewsbury Herbal is an old-line producer of herbal teas, seasonings, and medicines. Shrewsbury Herbal receives a large order today (February 17, 2021), and this time it's from a wholesaler in California, U. S., for $1,500,000. This U. S. wholesaler demands that the order be invoiced in their home currency (i. e., the U. S. dollar) and that delivery be made by the end of May 2021. Mr. Peters approaches you for financial advice. You have just learned how to use currency futures in hedging exchange rate exposure. So you advice Mr. Peters how to hedge its dollar position by entering into IMM futures contracts. The spot rate is $1.67/£ and the June futures price is $1.72/£. The size of a futures contract is £62,500. a. State a hedging strategy using futures contracts.
b. On May 31, 2021 the spot rate turns out to be $1.70/£, while the June futures price is $1.75/£. Calculate Shrewsbury Herbal's net £ gain or loss on its futures position. What is Shrewsbury Herbal's total net revenue for the receivables?

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Aproduct is produced in a monopolistically competitive industry with scale economies. if this industry exists in two countries, and these two countries engage in trade, one with the other, then we would expect (a) the country in which the price of the product is higher will export the product. (b) the country with a relative abundance of the factor of production in which production of the product is intensive will export this product. (c) each of the countries will export different varieties of the product to the other. (d) neither country will export this product since there is no comparative advantage. (e) none of the above.
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Weller company's budgeted unit sales for the upcoming fiscal year are provided below: 1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter budgeted unit sales 33,000 35,000 26,000 31,000 the company’s variable selling and administrative expense per unit is $3.20. fixed selling and administrative expenses include advertising expenses of $10,000 per quarter, executive salaries of $53,000 per quarter, and depreciation of $32,000 per quarter. in addition, the company will make insurance payments of $5,000 in the first quarter and $5,000 in the third quarter. finally, property taxes of $9,200 will be paid in the second quarter. required: prepare the company’s selling and administrative expense budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
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Breakevent point, what-if analysisthe following information pertains to torasic company’s budgeted income statement for the month of june 2011: sales (1,200 units at $250) | $300,000variable cost | $150,000contribution margin | $150,000fixed cost | 200,000net loss | $50,000a. "determine the company's breakeven point in both units and dollars. (b) the sales manager believes that a $ 26,400 increase in the monthly advertising expenses will result in a considerable increase in sales. how much of an increase in sales must result from increased advertising in order to break even on the monthly expenditure? (c) the sales manager believes that an advertising expenditure increase of $ 26,400 coupled with a 10 % reduction in the selling price will double the sales quantity. determine the net income (or loss) if these proposed changes are adopted."
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What is the sequence of events that could lead to trade surplus
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Shrewsbury Herbal is an old-line producer of herbal teas, seasonings, and medicines. Shrewsbury Herb...
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